Good morning, Marketers, and there’s always room for improvement.

If you’re inclined to measure and improve the happiness of your marketing team, there’s reason to believe it can ultimately lead to better marketing performance.

Our contributor Jade Bunke shares the steps you can take to boost morale and make it a productive process. One key action: When employee happiness scores are high, follow up and ask how to make things even better. This indicates managers are listening to their colleagues. And just like happy customers, team members feel happier, and more productive, when someone is listening to their ideas and concerns.

And these good vibes can bring teams across the organization together to meet industry-wide challenges. Also today, Big Lots shares their approach to building an identity roadmap, so the national retailer can navigate privacy and compliance, all while delivering relevant customer experiences.

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11 steps to boost marketing metrics with employee happiness

Leverage the happiness rating, a CMO technique that connects feelings and emotions to elevate performance and productivity.

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Big Lots’ approach to building an identity roadmap

The retailer discusses identity challenges and how to align teams and technology to overcome them.

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HubSpot to cut around 7% of workforce by end of Q1

The cuts come against a background of very rapid growth by the company over the last two to three years.

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Transform all of your customer feedback into fuel

No matter the situation, one principle in delivering great customer experiences holds true: creating stellar experiences for your existing customers is the best way to attract new ones. Join us for our upcoming live webinar and learn strategies to connect marketing and CX efforts for the ultimate customer experience.

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What is a conversion optimization platform?

Here’s why marketers are using this new technology to improve experience and boost ROI.

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How to guarantee your marketing wins every time

Ensure every campaign you launch has the highest chance of success by making one simple shift in how you approach your marketing.

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2023 digital marketing salary guide & hiring trends report

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Content marketing: What it is and why marketers should care

Content marketing creates better customer experiences. Here's why it matters, along with tips and tools to help you drive results.

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Discover cutting-edge martech without leaving your desk

Join us for free at MarTech, online March 28-29, to discover technologies, tools, and solutions that can help you connect with your customer and power organizational success. Registration is free!

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