Good morning, Marketers, the shoe is always greener on the other foot.

Among the many amazing things about ChatGPT and the like is how quickly this transformative technology is being adopted. It has gone from “what’s that?” to “we have to have it” in practically an instant. Imagine the impact if that had happened with the telephone or the internet. (And I do believe it will cause changes on the same scale as those two.) 

It’s no wonder companies are marketing around adding it to their products. In the rush to do this mistakes are bound to happen. I read a pitch from one app provider where the benefit amounted to saving the user a couple of clicks. Then there’s the very well-known image vendor providing an AI-based service which lets you use text to generate images. That would be fine, except they claim you would then have to license the image from them to use it. 

Two problems, one minor and one major. Minor: There are plenty of sites where you can do this for free. Major: The U.S. Copyright Office has said you can’t copyright AI generated text or images. That means this may not be much of a revenue generator. 

Constantine von Hoffman,
Managing Editor


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