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Even with all the marketing data in the world no one really knows what will work until the pixels hit the screens. That’s why testing and experimenting are so important. However, there must be a method to how you do them. Enter test-driven marketing. Tim Parkin’s article today lays out how to implement it in five simple steps

We also have an in-depth look at ecommerce and the trends shaping its future.

Constantine von Hoffman,
Managing Editor

From startups to Fortune 500s: This marketing strategy is unbeatable

You need a new marketing strategy and "test-driven marketing" is the prime candidate.

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What is ecommerce and which trends are shaping its future?

Learn about ecommerce as well as key new trends like mobile and social commerce and how they are all shaping the future of marketing.

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Marketing industry diversity improving, but still lags for senior positions

The benefits of diversity and inclusion can be seen in stock and revenue performance, hiring and retention and customer acquisition and loyalty.

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Give your customers what they want with ecommerce AI

Match customers with the products they are searching for.

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How to target your audience with absolute precision

Reach the right viewers that will make your campaign a success with a variety of strategies, data sources, and segmentation.

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The crisis for disconnected B2B marketers

At HubSpot's Inbound 2022, the buzz is around creating communities and the company's new Customer Journey Analytics offering.

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Why data-driven decision-making is the foundation of successful CX

How marketers can improve their decision-making processes using automation.

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2023 digital marketing salary guide & hiring trends report

Download this guide from Conductor for compensation benchmarks and hiring trends you need to know to develop a winning recruitment and retention strategy—or attain your career goals.

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5 tips for building customer trust during the supply chain crisis

The supply chain crisis isn't going anywhere just yet, but The Brooks Group has advice for sales, marketing and customer success teams on how to navigate it.

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