Good morning, Marketers, the right tone is priceless in this uncertain world.

On LinkedIn, marketing operations leader Sarah McNamara said, “I am sending all of the good vibes that I have to the people of Ukraine, and I salute those in Russia who are bravely speaking out against this unnecessary bloodshed.” That’s a sentiment with which it’s easy to concur.

But she also said, “Now is a good time to pause your marketing messages for a moment.” That’s tough to hear, isn’t it, but she may well be right. Someone else on LinkedIn I happen to know devoted an update to a new report she has just released. She’s proud of it and I’m sure it’s great, but it’s on a light-hearted topic that just doesn’t seem compelling today.

Marketing can’t just stop, of course, but it’s worth taking a step back and making sure that campaigns and messaging have the right tone for these troubled times.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director

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