Good morning, Marketers, and when do marketing values become principles?

Thanks to the latest from agile coach Stacey Ackerman (linked below), we get a look at this process as it pertains to agile marketing strategies. 

The new values for agile marketing have emerged relatively quickly — outcomes over outputs, experiments and data over opinions when it comes to decision making. But what are the ways that marketers can effectively turn these values into actionable principles within their organizations? 

Every day in a marketing organization presents challenges and opportunities against which these principles can be tested and refined in practice.

Chris Wood,

Living the 10 principles of agile marketing

These principles were recently developed by members of the agile marketing community.

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Bizzabo acquires smart wearables startup

Klik's wearable technology aims at providing a better experience for event attendees, plus better data for organizers.

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How to transform your organization with a marketing taxonomy

Implementing a taxonomy will help navigate the shift to new technologies and regulations, as well as unexpected brand safety challenges.

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How to get the most out of first-party data with email marketing campaigns

Email marketing can help brands move away from third-party data.

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Why sticky agile marketing teams perform better

A team which sticks together understands its own dynamics and gets more done, faster.

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