Good morning, Marketers, there are signs of life

I don’t expect to hear the first cuckoo of spring in November, but there are certainly increasing signs of people emerging from isolation and looking for in-person meetings. Just this week, I heard from two CEOs of interesting in-the-news marketing tech companies who wanted, not to jump on a video call, but to actually meet in person.

They are both in town from the west coast and looking for conversations — doubtless with clients, prospects and partners first, then media — and it almost feels like old times. As for me, going to an in-person meeting is like a cold drink of water after months in the desert.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director

Driving marketing at scale: People, processes, platforms and programs

Expect to make trade-offs between these four key elements of the new model.

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MOPS Rundown: Marketo enhances Predictive Audiences and UX in Q4 release

Marketing operations agency Perkuto shares its monthly take on new features relased for Marketo and its add-on app Bizable.

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Free event: Create a winning cross-channel video strategy in 2022

Discover the fastest ways to create the kind of content that will attract your audience. You can use these video strategies to rank on each channel, advertise online, and post to social media. In addition, you’ll even get insights into abiding by new privacy laws and the cookieless web.

By the end of this training, you’ll be able to confidently add video into your marketing strategy and create the kind of content your audience will love.

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Four new personas are changing how marketers reach and relate to customers

Luxury shoppers, digital nomads, empowered activists and self-care enthusiasts proliferated during the pandemic and may be here to stay.

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Webinar Tomorrow: 3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Team for Greater Marketing Agility in 2022

Agility in business is nothing new. Businesses have always needed to be agile—experimenting, adapting, and changing—to succeed. But the difference today is the speed and scale of change required. Technologies are constantly evolving and customers, partners, and our own teams have new expectations and demands that need to be met. Learn why marketing velocity will be the new agility in 2022 and what that means for your organization. In this webinar, we’ll discuss three different ways to increase marketing velocity by focusing on optimizing and becoming more agile in your approach.

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What are the benefits of customer data platforms?

Here are the top benefits and capabilities professional services network PwC sees in CDPs.

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Discover dozens of time-saving, profit-boosting solutions... all for free

More and more, the key to solving critical marketing and marketing ops challenges is marketing technology. But with 7,000+ solutions on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. MarTech makes it easy. Discover dozens of time-saving, profit-boosting solutions and the actionable tactics to effectively leverage them… all in one place, all without leaving your desk, and all for free.

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Email M&A is seeing a surge

Is it 2013 all over again? And what are the implications for email marketers?

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Quote of the day. More stuff #MOPs people never say: ‘Who needs lead scoring? Send all of the marketing automation leads to sales! They love cold calling.’ ‘My workload got so much easier in 2020!’Who’s Scott Brinker?’” Chris Willis, Global Marketing Operations Manager, Trimble Inc. (More if you follow the link.)

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