Does ChatGPT pose an existential threat to marketers?

Great marketing takes intelligence that AI doesn't have... yet. We humans are needed to create breakthrough work.

AI is okay — and it’s just getting started

Over the past year, we’ve seen glimpses of how AI could impact creative professions and the marketing world. It’s been fun to experience – like a visit to Jurassic Park before the dinos figured out the fences weren't electrified. Admit it, you’ve created handsomer and more heroic versions of yourself with Lensa, which uses AI to generate photo-realistic images like my headshot.

Impressive results, just not insightful answers

“Give me a 500-word article about the ethical and practical implications ChatGPT and AI-driven content creation will have on marketing, marketers and advertising agencies. Style is casual but smart with a little bit of wit.”

AI tools will enhance — not replace — (most of) us

One of my copywriters used ChatGPT to write a six-page position paper in 15 minutes. She shook her head and said, “That would have taken me three days to find all that information and organize it.” I told her, "Well, now you have three days to think of what to do with it and what’s next for the client."  To me, that is the value of AI.

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