Adobe announces Firefly for AI-driven creative

By Kim Davis

Adobe's generative AI announcement predictably stole the show at Adobe Summit. “Over time, AI will help us reimagine every aspect of marketing,” said Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. He could not resist adding that Adobe has incorporated AI in its creative products for well over a decade.

Adobe’s generative AI

Narayen introduced Firefly, a new group of generative AI models focused on creating images, video and text effects. Firefly uses generative AI with graphics tools like brushes, color gradients and video tools to make it easier for creators to make high quality content.

Protecting creators?

Adobe is seeking to protect human creators. It's developing a model for compensating for use of their work and by moving towards a global standard “Do not train” metadata tag that creators could use in an attempt to ward off AI infringements on their content.

Sensei GenAI

Sensei GenAI is now natively embedded into the Adobe Experience Platform, although it was not immediately clear how this would enhance the platform’s existing Sensei AI capabilities. The aim seems to be to allow users to work with generative AI capabilities within Adobe Cloud rather than using third-party tools and migrating results to Adobe.

Adobe analytics

Product Analytics was a significant announcement for Adobe's ecommerce offerings. Product Analytics presents product-related information such as user growth and engagement with features of products and trends. The aim is to align the product team with other teams working on aspects of customer experience, such as the company's Customer Journey Analytics offering.

Why we care

Although Adobe was one of the first marketing clouds, its roots are in iconic creative tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. The promise, of course, is that Adobe users will reap the benefits of generative AI within the Adobe ecosystem, rather than have recourse to one of the many independent tools rushing to market.

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