Companies that use social media marketing effectively

By Akshat Biyani

There are many  social media platforms that marketers would be wise to take note of. This article will discuss eight modern campaigns that you can use for inspiration when marketing your brand.

TikTok’s Re: Make campaign

In July 2021, TikTok challenged its community to think about the most memorable ads in recent history and create their versions of the ads. The idea was to turn iconic commercials into TikTok shorts. The first brands to participate in the Re: Make initiative were Skittles, Snickers, and Old Spice. It was a great way for TikTok to stay in contact with big companies like these and get them to participate in future Re: Make campaigns. It also boosted engagement tenfold and led to tons of user-generated content.

LEGO’s Rebuild the World campaign 

The 2021 iteration of the company’s Rebuild the World campaign, named “The Damp Knight,” focuses on creativity – it celebrates children as experts in creative problem-solving. Although this campaign uses a traditional story, it shows that it can still be effective, depending on the context of your product. As a result, LEGO was able to market to both children and adults on social media and boost its overall revenue by 27%.

A Starbucks in Shanghai became the first Starbucks to offer an augmented reality (AR) experience.  This campaign transforms a seemingly everyday experience into a unique and immersive experience. By leveraging trendy technology and the authenticity of your product, you can create an effective campaign that helps your business grow.

Starbucks’ in-store AR experience

Coca-Cola has leveraged this interest in the metaverse, to launch a “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte,” which will “bring the flavor of pixels to life.” This drink will be launched in the metaverse before being available in stores. The innovative marketing approach is proving to be effective as revenue per launch has increased by 30% and gross profit per launch by 25%, compared to previous years.

Coca-Cola’s metaverse campaign

Hershey’s has continued its partnership with Twitch to promote its brand Oh Henry! They want to improve the brand’s relevance and become the go-to snack for gamers. With every purchase of the Oh Henry! Level up bar, customers receive “Bits” – an online currency that Twitch viewers can use to support streamers and get access to special features on the platform.

Hershey’s Twitch campaign

ASICS became one of the first sportswear brands to launch an NFT campaign.   NFTs allow owners exclusive ownership rights for a particular digital asset. Given that NFTs are non-duplicable and unique, brands can use them to further enhance their brand exclusivity and positioning on social media.

ASICS NFT campaign

Brands should pay attention to social media

As the lines between real-life and virtual ownership continue to blur, brands can use social media to their advantage by launching technologically advanced products and keeping up with digital evolutions. It enhances the ability of a company to stay relevant and connect with customers who have already engaged with these new trends.

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