4 easy ways to optimize data intake on your marketing automation platform

by: Constantine von Hoffman

Most organizations use a marketing automation platform. Here are four easy ways to get better data from your MAP, from Justin Sharaf at Collibra.


Best practice is to create two or three web form templates you can reuse across all of the forms on your website.  You can use these for resource downloads, for contact sales requests, for starter trial requests, registering for a webinar, or any other type of content that someone would access from your website.

Step 1: Consolidating web forms

When asking for personal information, you want to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to answer.  “Instead of asking somebody for a free form job title where they could enter in one of a million different job titles, try asking for job level and role,” said Sharaf.

Step 2: Normalization of fields

A classic irritant that everyone has encountered:  You’re asked what nation you’re from and are confronted with a dropdown that lists every country on the planet in alphabetical order. It may seem inclusive, but it’s really one more way to discourage a visitor.  Unless you’re getting customers from all over the world, don’t do this..

Step 3: Dropdown selection

“If you are doing a form for U.S. based prospects or customers, put the United States at the top of the form,” said Sharaf. “If you know that it’s a North America program, put Canada at the top of the form. If you know it’s a European program, put the top ten European countries at the top.” This will give you a much higher conversion rate on your form and also get people to select the correct value.

“Everyone does them,” said Sharaf. “You use them for your offline events, sometimes use them for your webinars, etcetera. There are a bunch of different use cases. Sometimes third party vendors will send you a list. The thing that will streamline your intake process best as possible is to create an Excel or Google Sheets template for marketers to use.”

Step 4: Offline list uploads

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