Navigating the complex customer journey

By Tim Parkin

Why is the customer journey so complex?

Today we have more channels, creatives, messages and touchpoints than ever. How can we possibly understand, measure and optimize the customer journey when it has outgrown our limitations? The answer is simpler than you might think, but it’s something that most marketers completely overlook.

3 steps to simplify your customer journey 

3. Maximize your results by connecting the other paths of the customer journey to your critical path.

2. Optimize your critical path to boost results with leverage.

1. Analyze and understand the 20% of your customer journey that drives 80% of your performance (your critical path).

Finding your critical path

The easiest way to find the critical path of your customer journey is to imagine turning off all of your marketing tactics, one by one. Which, when eliminated, would cause the biggest impact on your business?

Paying off debt

Before thinking about scaling and growth, we have some cleanup to do. Once you know your critical path, you must cut away everything that’s either a bottleneck or not contributing. The goal at this stage is to reduce friction, optimize the critical path and improve performance.

All roads lead to Rome

“All roads lead to Rome” is an old proverb that illustrates how, no matter what path you take, you always end up at the same destination. It's how you should think about your customer journey and the critical path. Don’t build multiple customer journeys or try to expand the critical path. Instead, connect all other paths to the critical path.

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