Valimail to offer free DMARC monitoring solution to domain owners

DMARC is a required industry-standard for brands that want to implement the new BIMI standard.

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Valimail has announced the general availability of its DMARC monitoring solution to domain owners — for free. Valimail DMARC Monitor is a cloud-based tool that provides visibility into email sending activities from the domain, allowing domain owners (brands) to monitor for unusual activity — and protecting brands’ IP reputations as inbox providers indicate to recipients that an email is safe to open and engage with.

Why we care

DMARC (domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance), is an industry-standard that allows domain owners — generally, IT or marketing operations departments — that emails being sent the domain are legitimate senders and prevent spammer tactics like phishing emails. Recipients can be assured, albeit cautiously, that emails in their inboxes are coming from legitimate senders.

Brands are also required to use DMARC in order to implement the latest email standard, BIMI (brand indicators for message identification), that is expected to become the new industry-standard for keeping marketing emails out of spam folders. As a founding partner of the AuthIndicators Group that set off the BIMI initiative, Valimail could be working towards helping organizations lay the groundwork to implement BIMI.

More on the news

  • Globally, 80% of email inboxes support DMARC and will enforce domain owners’ policies for all inbound emails they receive, said Valimail.
  • The BIMI initiative has been picking up steam as inbox providers, email sending providers and cybersecurity groups come together with and an increased focus on safe sending practices.

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