Does Facebook Have A Teenager Problem? Does Google Have A Mobile Problem?

Teenagers are leaving Facebook, apparently in droves. I found one study that suggested a stunning three million teens had left Facebook in just three years. In related news, the growth of Google desktop search is slowing and is being replaced by mobile activity. At least some of this mobile activity comes from mobile app usage, […]


Download Index: Android Beats iTunes But Not In Revenue

App Annie’s new Q1 Market Index shows Google Play beating iTunes in terms of app downloads by a significant 45 percent. However, Apple’s App Store still generates 85 percent more revenue than its Google-owned rival — though the gap is closing. App Annie said that Google Play download growth was largely driven by emerging markets, […]


Trying to Build Android Brand, Google Mandates “Powered By” Label

According to multiple sources last week, Google is now requiring a “powered by Android” indicator on all devices that use the Android operating system as a precondition of gaining access to Google Play. was the first site to confirm the new mandate. The branding must be displayed as the phone boots up. There are […]


Google Sunsets Google Checkout To Put Focus On Google Wallet

Google is putting Google Checkout out to pasture and placing its payment processing future solely on Google Wallet. The company has announced it will retire Google Checkout in six months. The news comes a week after Google announced several new features for the Google Wallet platform. The new Instant Buy Android API is designed to make […]


Google Mobile App Analytics To Get Google Play Integration, Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

Last week, in the midst of  Google I/O, Google announced two upcoming updates to mobile app analytics. Google Play Integration Google Analytics will fully integrate with Google Play and allow marketers to get a full view of Google Play’s sales funnel. The new report will use flow visualization to facilitate further analysis of any aspect of the […]


Game Over: Google+ Games To Be Shut Down June 30th

Google+ users who enjoy social gaming will soon have to look elsewhere as Google+ games is being shut down. After June 30th, Google+ Games will be officially retired as Google will move forward with one united front, the  Google Play Game Services platform. Google+ Games launched in the Summer of 2011, but whether it be […]


App Downloads: Apple Reaches 50 Billion, Google Play 48 Billion

At the Google I/O keynote this morning, Google announced that Google Play had seen 48 billion app downloads. This was on the heels of the announcement that there were 900 million Android device activations since inception. Later in the day at roughly 5 pm US Eastern time, Apple said that its App Store saw its […]


Facebook Home Arrives On Google Play

Ready to turn your phone into the Facebook Phone? Now you can, without having to buy a new device — as long as you own one of a short list of selected phones and download the Facebook Home app from Google Play. The app is listed here within Google Play and should work for at […]


Report: Apple Accounts For 74% Of App Revenue & Google 51% Of All App Downloads

Canalys’ App Interrogator research published a report showing that there were 13.4 billion app downloads, with revenue of $2.2 billion in the first quarter of 2013. Of that, 74% of the app revenue went through Apple’s iTunes network, while Google Play accounted for the most app downloads with 51%. Apple developers earned over $1.6 billion […]


Google+ Sign-In Launches For Secure, “Social Spam-Free” Logins Across All Devices

Today Google officially entered the social sign-in space with the launch of Google+ Sign-In. This new functionality will allow Google+ to compete against Facebook who has been the leader in the space since 2011. Instead of a normal Google account the new feature leverages Google+ credentials to sign-in to a mobile or Web app. [youtube][/youtube] So why would […]


Google Play Gives Email Addresses To Developers, Raises Privacy Issues

Attention is being focused on how Google Play — Google’s app and content store — provides the name, email address and city location of those who purchase apps. Google’s privacy policies don’t make clear this is happening, something Google probably needs to correct. Personal Info That Google Gives Developers Developer Dan Nolan posted about this […]


Why I’m Glad Google Play Gives Developers Customer Data

Dan Nolan, an app developer, is concerned that Google Play giving email addresses of app purchasers to developers is a privacy blunder. As an app developer myself, I could not disagree more! How Developers Sell In Google Play Vs. iTunes The way the Google Play market works and has worked since it launched on October 23, […]


One Word For App Marketing Success – Keywords

Website developers are aware of the importance of keywords and the significance of getting the right keywords integrated into their content to produce better organic search results. The fact is, keywords are not only relevant to websites, they are important for app success, too. If you are creating a mobile app, it is vital that you […]


ASO (App Store Optimization) And Creating A Family Of Apps

If you’ve ever created an Android app and put it into Android Market Google Play, you probably noticed that search alone will not make an app popular or profitable. There are a number of ways to popularize an app. Here are six of the most popular: Press releases Social Media Blogging SEO Advertising in ad […]