Millennial Employment Effort Shows Job Applicants’ Reactions When It’s Suggested They Sell Drugs, Get Pregnant, Hotwire A Car

The campaign for charity Circle aims to dispel stereotypes and help Millennials get a job.

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Working with Publicis London, Circle  — part employment agency, part online retailer, part charity — has launched a social campaign designed to aid the one million jobless youth in the United Kingdom.

The campaign, which is tagged #JoblessGeneration, begins with a faux interview video that highlights the negative stereotypes young people face when entering the job market.

In the video, directed by Ben Liam Jones of Mustard Films, candidates are secretly filmed while being interviewed by an actor posing as a career placement advisor. The advisor urges the interviewees to consider career choices that play into stereotypes about Millennials, such as getting pregnant in order to claim benefits or selling drugs.

After viewing the video, viewers can click through to the campaign website where each of the six job candidates who appear in the video are featured in a “Hear My Story” video resume.

Also on the site, viewers are urged to “Donate A Tweet” which links to the individual’s story and auto-populates mentions of some of the UK’s largest companies including @Topshop @ASOS and @Drapers.

Viewers can also “Donate An Opportunity” which allows them to send an email to Circle saying they have a lead on a job for the candidate.


The website also features a video introduction to the effort by English entrepreneur and BBC Dragon’s Den personality Deborah Meaden, who also helped fund the campaign:

Circle is using its social media channels including Vine, Facebook and Twitter to spread the message:

For those who haven’t seen our latest awareness campaign, it’s here ! Please click on the link at the end of the video, and tweet to help these young to get a job !!

Posted by Circle Sports on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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