MarTech Minute: Hootsuite’s new listening tool, Heymarket adds Apple Business Chat, more

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HOW INSIGHTFUL: Social media management platform Hootsuite has launched a new social listening tool, Insights Powered by Brandwatch, that allows marketers to conduct searches on specific topics across various platforms, including social, blogs and news sites. The tool is an add-on that can be integrated into the Hootsuite dashboard. Why we care: Having the flexibility to search for specific topics — and feed that data directly into your social media management platform — helps socially-active brands remain relevant by being able to stay on top of trending topics and join the conversation at any time. Source: Hootsuite

GETTING CHATTY: Heymarket is integrating Apple Business Chat into its business messaging platform, making it possible for marketers to interact directly with iOS, watchOS and macOS users. The new feature allows customers to start a conversation with a brand by tapping on a ‘messages’ icon on a brand’s website via an iOS app, an email or directly from the iOS spotlight search. Why we care: A unified customer experience strategy means engaging with customers where they are. The addition of Apple Business Chat expands Heymarket’s communication capabilities, giving marketers more opportunities to interact directly with customers. Source: Heymarket

PATENT PERSONALIZATION. Data service provider Semcasting has secured a patent for mapping IP-based signals across sources, enabling multi-point identity resolution. While the company has offered cookie-free onboarding and custom audience capabilities for some time, this new patent extends Semcasting’s IP-targeting platform to include media context, devices and networks. Why we care: As we move further into a cookie-free online environment, marketers are searching for new solutions to keep personalization efforts intact. Semcasting claims its ID resolution match rates average 85% — well above the average 20% to 40% delivered by cookie-based data onboarding systems. Source: Semcasting

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