Fashion Brand Targets Digital Savvy Shoppers With Street-View-Powered Mobile App

The youth-oriented urban clothing company sought to put its new line on the map by using the city as a backdrop.

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me_city_1600_02To bring its fashions to a broader, younger and more inclusive audience during the very exclusive Shanghai Fashion Week, youth urban fashion brand Me & City, working with Fred & Farid Shanghai, launched a campaign it called #FashionStreetView.

The brand and agency worked with China’s Tencent Maps to create a a customized, street-view-powered mobile app that highlighted Me & City’s fashion off the catwalk and in a more realistic setting, the street.


To create the customized street views, Shanghai’s most popular streets were reshot and pedestrians were replaced with models wearing Me & City clothing, essentially transforming the digital streets into a digital runway as the campaign video explains:

Users of the app are able to check out the clothing in real world settings and buy what they like directly within the app.

Fred & Farid says the app achieved 20 millions views which is 800 times the size of the audience reached by Shanghai Fashion Week.

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