Facebook advertisers can now manage where Instant Article, in-stream video ads appear

Advertisers are getting a more complete view of where their ads may be placed before a campaign, as well as more thorough publisher delivery reports.

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Facebook is extending its placement reporting to Instant Articles and in-stream video so advertisers can preemptively block publishers from their campaigns and continually update those exclusion lists based on where their ads run.

Advertisers will be able to review the list of publishers monetizing content via Instant Articles and in-stream videos before running a campaign and exclude any publishers they want to avoid by adding them to their blocked lists. They will also be able to download Facebook in-stream and Instant Article publisher delivery reports to see where ads appeared while a campaign is live and add exclusions accordingly. Both of these capabilities are already available for Audience Network.

Facebook Vice President of Global Marketing Carolyn Everson released the following statement on the company’s heightened brand safety controls:

The people and businesses that use Facebook deserve a safe environment to share and connect. We’ve been working with advertisers to build more controls and we’re taking another step forward today. Now all advertisers, from global brands to local businesses, will have access to comprehensive publisher lists and delivery reports to better control where their ads appear.

Brand safety has been an ongoing issue for advertisers on Facebook and other digital platforms. Last September, Facebook outlined nine content categories that would not be allowed to generate revenue, blocking publishers from monetizing content deemed inappropriate or harmful per Facebook’s standards.

The company said back in June 2017 it would be giving more insight into Instant Articles and in-stream video publishers. Monday’s announcement is the first official rollout of the placement and delivery reports.

As Facebook makes it easier to monetize creator content and aims to drive more engagement on Watch, brand safety control will become more crucial for Facebook advertisers. Before user data and privacy issues took center stage this year, brand safety was the focus for advertisers in 2017, when Google was caught placing ads on extremist content across the Google Display Network and YouTube.

At the time, a number of advertisers pulled their ads from the network, and many leading ad executives, including Unilever CMO Keith Weed, called for better transparency around ad placement and safety issues.

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