Expedia Wants You to #GetARoom For Valentine’s Day

The travel company aims its arrow at new potential customers, offering discounts on hotel room bookings for the occasion.

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Sometimes it’s sweet. Sometimes it’s annoying. And other times it’s downright cringe-inducing. Yes, those public displays of affection which range from innocent hand-holding to full-on, pre-climactic groping. We’ve all seen it and many of us have probably engaged in the behavior.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, travel site Expedia is capitalizing on this ever-present bit of human behavior with a campaign that urges people to #GetARoom. Working with 180LA, Expedia is out with this promotional video:

The video features a collection of couples engaging in varying degrees of public canoodling. At the end, viewers are directed to expedia.com/valentine where they can enter their mobile number to have a $50 discount code sent to them for use when booking a room through Expedia.

Awkwardly, once the discount code is received via text, a link redirects people to the App Store where the Expedia app must be downloaded in order to redeem the coupon.

Expedia is also touting the discount code (and required app download) on its homepage:


The brand is touting the promotion on its Twitter and Facebook pages:


The promotion is getting a fair amount of retweet activity under the #GetARoom hashtag.

Yesterday, working with Assembly, the brand launched broadcast, digital and social promotion for the campaign that will include :30’s and :15’s on TV as well as placement on broadcasters’ streaming properties. Online, the video will be targeted towards trending love topics and to Expedia’s social channels.

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