Cray Party Moms Get Turnt In Hefty Video That Is So Totally On Fleek

The household plastics company makes a play for the hard-partying "Red Solo Cup" crowd with hilarious videos promoting its crack-resistant "Ultimate" cups.

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It was only a matter of time before some brand thought it would be a good idea to gather together all the inane slang the kids are tossing today and cobble it all together into a few videos to sell something.

Working with Havas Worldwide Chicago, Hefty is promoting their new crack-resistant red cups with a video series entitled Party Hard Moms. The videos feature otherwise wholesome-looking, care-giving moms folding laundry, unpacking groceries or reading a book. But while they’re doing it, they recount their exploits of the night before — using very colorful language.

Perhaps the message is that the new cups are strong enough to hold up to any amount of hard partying and even satisfy those who clean up after it’s all said and done?

These amazingly well done videos are filled with every last slang idiom of the moment including struggle is real, twerking, throw shade, hangry, foam party, crawlspace, bye felicia, dat beard doh, i’d swipe right for that, normcore, turnt, I can’t even, cray, literally dying, RIP me, sorry not sorry, thirsty, bae, obvi and, of course on fleek.

Once you’ve stopped laughing and pick yourself up on the floor, you can note that they’re promoting these videos across their social media channels:

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