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Conversational ABM: The love child of ABM and conversational AI

In this webinar, learn how to target the right customers with the right messaging at the right time, at scale.

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While Account-Based Marketing provides the data and insights to drive personalization, left solely on human-powered customer engagement, it is not as effective in consistently delivering personalization at scale.

Conversational AI is great at delivering consistency and scale but relies on data-driven insights to deliver personalization. Imagine the possibility if you could take all the rich insights from an ABM platform and marry it with the capabilities of Conversational AI to deliver personalization at scale. That’s how Conversational ABM is born.

Join Conversica’s CMO Rashmi Vittal for insights into how Conversational ABM can unlock the potential to improve return on your ABM investment, ultimately delivering revenue predictability.

Register today for “Unlock the Potential of Conversational ABM: The Love Child of ABM and Conversational AI,” presented by Conversica.

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