California Coastal Commission Launches #CheckTheCoast Preservation Campaign

Campaign spokespeople Adrian Grenier and Sunshine In The Fog ask people to take a "coastie" to encourage donations to the Protect Our Coast and Oceans Fund on the CA tax form.

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Working with Gyro, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) has launched Check the Coast, an effort to make Californians aware of a check box on California tax returns that, if checked, will enable a person to make a donation to the CCC. This donation will be used to protect California coastline.

The campaign, which has enlisted the help of actor Adrian Grenier and surfer Sunshine in the Fog, encourages people to head to the coast, use their left hand to make a check mark, take a selfie, and share it to social media using the #CheckTheCoast hashtag:


Steffan Postaer, Executive Creative Director at Gyro, has taken to his popular Gods of Advertising blog to help get the word out. Of the effort, Postaer says:

[blockquote]What I like about this campaign is how positive it is. Absent are images of the goo-infested birds washing up in the East Bay. Or the scary amount of emaciated sea lion pups beaching themselves near Point Reyes. No tangled fishing lines or plastic rings. No dead fish. That crap is happening and we all know it. Yet, we decided to eschew the appeal of grim reality in favor of a more upbeat approach, one that asked little from its participants: merely a selfie and a buck or two.[/blockquote]

The California Coastal Commission is promoting the campaign on their Facebook and Twitter pages:

Sunshine in the Fog is doing her part, mentioning the campaign on her Facebook page:

Sister organization Thank You Ocean is showing some love for the campaign as well:

Offline support includes posters and outdoor:






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