Wesley Young

Wesley Young is the Local Search Association’s vice president of Public Policy. He blogs about the industry on the Local Search Insider blog.


Top 10 local search insights of 2016

Columnist Wesley Young of the Local Search Association looks back at 2016 to find the top 10 insights that local search marketers should remember in planning for the year ahead.


The voice search explosion and how it will change local search

Voice search usage is seeing unprecedented growth, with personal assistant devices leading the way. Columnist Wesley Young explores why this new medium is taking off, how it differs from keyword searches, and the challenges for local businesses to compete on yet another platform.


SMBs Should Jump On The Mobile Payments Train In 2015

2014 has been a big year for mobile payments. With the introduction of Apple Pay, mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular and are receiving more exposure than ever. In the coming year, mobile payments have the opportunity to be a $540B market, according to a report from Thrive Analytics, Changing Landscape of Mobile Payments, with […]


5 Tips To Leverage Twitter’s New Nearby Feature

In recent weeks, Twitter has made headlines with the quiet launch of its experimental Nearby timeline, which allows eligible mobile users to discover tweets posted by others in their immediate vicinity, regardless of whether they are following them. This feature is currently available to a select number of users who have opted-in to allow their […]