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Ric Dragon is the author of the DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual and Social Marketology (McGraw Hill 2012) and the ceo/co-founder of DragonSearch. He is a regular speaker for Google at their Get Your Business Online seminars. Dragon frequently speaks about the convergence of social media, process, information architecture, and sociology.

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A Brand And Its Twitter Army

In 1886, a case was brought before the US Supreme Court: Santa Clara County versus the Southern Pacific Railroad Company.  The case was remarkable in that the Fourteenth Amendment was invoked, an amendment that was originally written in the aftermath of the Civil War to provide protection to former slaves. In this case, it was invoked […]

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TweetLevel: A GPS For Twitter

The dog never ate my homework. Or at least, I never tried to use that as an excuse, which is odd, considering my family actually owned a dog kennel. To this day, the memory of homework sends chills down my spine — I just wasn’t one of those people who dashed off their evening assignments with ease. […]

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A Twitter Relationship Management Tool

As a bona fide Internet nerd, I dream about some odd things. At the top of my list is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that spans all social media. If you call over to Zappos after ordering your newest pair of beach shoes, the person answering the phone will be able to pull up […]

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The Fallacy Of Twitter Marketing Rules: Different Approaches For Different Objectives

Our little baby is growing so quickly! Just yesterday, well, in 2007, Twitter was debuted at SXSW. It was the same year the iPhone displaced the celebrities and politicians on the cover of Time Magazine.  By the time the vice presidential candidates debated earlier this month, over four million tweets concerning the debate were exchanged. The […]

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A Virtuous Cycle Of Twitter Community Management

What if a prominent journalist followed a brand’s Twitter account and no one noticed? No one on behalf of the brand reciprocated the follow. In an ideal situation, the journalist would have been thanked, added to a list, and engaged. Ouch! It’s easy for community managers to get caught up in the daily and hourly […]

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How Marketers Can Tap Into Twitter Lists

“He’s makin a list, He’s checkin it twice” -Santa Claus is Coming to Town, ‪Haven Gillespie People love lists. In the opera Don Giovanni, the licentious main character’s servant Leporello maintained a list of his boss’s conquests. As children, we might have been encouraged to make lists of what we wanted for our birthday, while our […]

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Tips For An Effective Twitter Chat

Fourteen years before Twitter had its debut at SxSW,  professor of educational psychology and semiotician Gary Shank wrote a paper titled Abductive Multiloguing: The Semiotics of Navigating the Net, in which he describes the concept of the multilogue: “It is as if everyone who is interested in talking can all jump in at once, but […]

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Good Morning, Twitter

Just about each and every morning, business strategist Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss) goes over to her window overlooking the Lake Michigan shoreline of Chicago and takes a photograph. She then posts the photo to Instagram and Twitter, often with a message bidding her followers a good morning. She’s even got a different hash tag for different […]

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Filling the Sales Pipeline with Twitter

The very subject of this post makes me shudder:  the idea that social media in general and Twitter in particular, should be used for lead generation is horrifying. At least it is if we use old-school sales approaches to new-school social media.  At its best, social media is one of the greatest revolutions in communications […]

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Should Community Managers Follow Back On Twitter?

Facebook may have its friends, Google Plus its circles, but Twitter has always used the ambiguous term “follower.” Odd, only because a follower could bring to mind one of those unfortunate people that drank the grape Flavor Aid with Jim Jones. But pool-side in Cancun, you might catch your significant other following an attractive person […]

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How To Curate Twitter To Build Content & Engagement

Thanks to John Heywood, a writer and courtier to Henry VIII, we have classic epigrams like “Haste makes waste,” “a penny for your thought,” “beggars can’t be choosers,” and “the more the merrier.”  My favorite is “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too,” which Heywood actually recorded as “Wolde ye both eate your […]

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Once Upon a Tweet: Telling Stories In Twitter

In November 2009, author Rick Moody published the entirety of a short story tweeted out in 153 hourly posts. He didn’t simply take a story and break it up into tweet-sized chunks, but specifically wrote it on Twitter. Moody said that he saw Twitter’s character limits as “some strange, poetical limitation that would be fun […]

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Slinging Hash Tags: Community Building In 140 Characters

On October 28, 1939, an auctioneer sold off the entire company-owned village of Chichester, located in upstate New York: each and every house; factory building; the old social hall; and even the two-roomed schoolhouse. Seventy years later, this small hamlet isn’t unlike most other small rural communities. The grocery store exists only in the distant […]