Quinn Whissen

Quinn Whissen is the Director of Marketing for Vertical Measures, a Phoenix-based internet marketing agency helping clients drive profitable growth through content marketing. Quinn has keen insights into both the high-level strategy work and day-to-day implementation that goes into creating digital marketing that drives results. She teaches content marketing workshops around the country and speaks regularly on topics of unconventional marketing, the importance of content, design, and social engagement.

Customer & Digital Experience

The 1-Hour Documented Content Marketing Strategy

Developing a content marketing strategy doesn't have to be a nerve-wracking endeavor. Columnist Quinn Whissen believes you simply need one hour to align with your team and decide on an overall vision.

Customer & Digital Experience

The 1% Rule Of Content Marketing

If your content marketing isn't working, ask yourself why and then make small improvements to make a big impact over time, says columnist Quinn Whissen.