Patrick Armitage

Patrick Armitage is the Director of Marketing at BlogMutt, a content writing service for businesses and agencies. Before BlogMutt, Patrick spent eight years in agency management overseeing client branding, integrated marketing and content strategy.

Customer & Digital Experience

Content marketing’s echo chamber

Is content marketing doomed to go the way of the traditional agency model? Not if we align our priorities with those of our customers, says columnist Patrick Armitage.

Customer & Digital Experience

The marketing genius of Louis C.K.

Columnist Patrick Armitage believes Louis C.K. is a great marketer not just because the comic violates every rule in email marketing, but because he knows exactly what his audience needs.

Digital Transformation

7 Habits Of Highly Strategic Marketers

It's time for you to be more strategic — but what does that really mean? Columnist Patrick Armitage gets into the nitty-gritty of what it means to be strategic and outlines a list of habits that every strategic marketer should adopt.

Customer & Digital Experience

Stop Our Exclamation Point Addiction!

There's no getting around it: Marketing messages are glutted with exclamation points. Columnist Patrick Armitage says it's time for marketers to stop the deluge and instead raise the creative bar.