Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones runs her own social media and search marketing business, MoxieDot, where she helps clients grow their online presence. She was voted one of the top 100 marketers of the year by Invesp in 2009 and has worked for Yelp, Gazelle, and Search Engine Journal. Check her out on Twitter @wonderwall7.


How To Stay Up To Date On Current News Via Social Media

If you’re working in social media, it’s important to keep up to date with news and current events relevant to your business’ industry. The difficulty: finding that news can potentially be overwhelming. Fortunately, your existing social media accounts can be used to aggregate news and other content, as well as to communicate. It’s a great […]


How To Market Your Consumer-Based Business On Pinterest

Pinterest might as well count as one of the top marketing buzzwords of 2012, as its explosive growth (even though it’s still in invite-only status) has left marketers scrambling to get a good idea of how to utilize it to promote their own business and products. The Business Insider cites that traffic to increased […]


Failure To Adopt Social Media Poses Personal And Professional Risks

At one point, it was ok not to have an account on Facebook or Twitter. However, now that over 72% of United States internet users are on Facebook and 70% of Facebook users reside outside of the USA, according to a recent study, it’s clear that social can’t be ignored any more. Businesses and individuals need a Facebook […]


Will Your Company’s Online Community Fail?

In many instances, a company-created online social community for current and potential customers is a recipe for disaster. For instance, here is a good four-part series outlining the many reasons online communities fail by Joshua Paul. However, in certain circumstances, a company-created online social community can be a positive resource and provide both customers and […]