James Green

James Green

James Green is chief executive officer at Magnetic, a technology company with a marketing platform for enterprises, brands and agencies. James is charged with driving the company’s strategic vision and overall expansion.

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Predictions For The Future Of Advertising & Media

The media business is nearly as old as mankind. We started writing on tablets and scrolls millennia ago; the telecommunication business was then invented in the 18th century; and the computer business grew out of the 2nd World War, later popularized in the 1970s. Media Linked As One But as separate as these three media […]

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Will Search Engines One Day Be Overcome With Display Ads?

Last month, Google’s famously streamlined white homepage was plastered with something different: an animated banner ad. Since Google has been credited as an ad-free (or, at least, display-ad-free) search engine, the animated banner ad for the Nexus 7 Android tablet came as a bit of a shock to both Google users and the wider industry. While this […]

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Data Hunting Season: Most Effective Times Of The Year To Add Data To Your Media Plan

As with buying stocks, timing is everything when it comes to leveraging data to reach your target audience. Today, brands have the opportunity to capitalize on the abundance of inventory and data available to plan their marketing initiatives. When combined with media, these ingredients create the perfect recipe to apply targeted advertising to seasonal events. […]

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Targeted Advertising: Gaining Ground for Branding Campaigns

To date, branding has often been associated with billboards, magazine spreads and million-dollar TV spots. In online advertising, this translates to large media buys with premium publishers, including spots such as site sponsorships and homepage takeovers. However, where do data and ad targeting fit into the branding equation? Is there a place for branding campaigns […]

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Not All Digital Ads Are Created Equal

Digital advertising is on the rise, which is good news for us — the people that live and breathe in the online world. However, as audiences migrate to digital media, better creative and more strategic ad placement is necessary. In today’s digital world, there is one point that must not be overlooked: not all digital […]


Embrace Science And Big Data: The Attribution Revolution

Recently, the topic of attribution has been taking some heat, as agencies and clients try to determine the best way to assign value to various advertising channels. While some are more willing to accept different models than others, all marketers must embrace this movement immediately. I’m going to focus here only on digital media — […]

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Facebook’s Choice — Make History, Or Be History

If I were a Facebook advertiser, I’d probably still be holding meetings and sending emails about how to strategize around Facebook’s marketing conference late last month. Rightfully so. There’s a lot to digest. What’s interesting here isn’t so much what was announced, which was better mobile experience for advertisers, bigger ads and better targeting. What’s […]

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The Return Of The Publishing Genius

There’s nothing like a white-hot economy, or a white-hot sector, to create marketing geniuses. Notice that there are a lot of well-known social media geniuses these days. The financial service sector seems to have a shortage of them. Which is not to say there are none. It’s my belief that the very smart executives shine […]

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Display’s The Thing

First things first. Let me start by confessing that I run a search-oriented digital ad business. Before you think that this is just another flogging of search retargeting, indulge me one sentence. I’m here to tell you that the hottest area of Internet advertising is display ads. Really. I know it from three very credible […]

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