Daniel Faggella

Daniel Faggella is an email marketing and marketing automation expert with a focus on the intersection of marketing and artificial intelligence. He runs TechEmergence, a San Francisco-based market research and media platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in business.

Performance Marketing

Does Your Email Marketing Need CPR?

Do your email sales results need a first aid intervention? It may be time to perform CPR. Columnist Daniel Faggella breaks down the steps you need to resuscitate your email marketing strategy.

Performance Marketing

Find Marketing Flaws By Conducting An Email & Conversion Optimization Audit

For many marketers, the success of any campaign is determined simply by the bottom line: expenses of the campaign vs. revenues generated. In assessing campaigns, companies are often quick to fix the unique and tactical elements of the campaign, but they often leave out vital conversion “checkpoints” that are the ultimate drivers of a campaign’s […]