Chris Sherman

Chris Sherman (@CJSherman) is a Founding editor of Search Engine Land. He also programs and chairs the Marketing Land Search Marketing Expo - SMX conferences.


Enterprise PPC Campaign Management Tools 2013: A Marketer’s Guide

Anyone managing a large-scale paid search campaign recognizes the value of tools, whether it’s just using Excel or licensing a more sophisticated PPC campaign management tool. It’s just impossible to manage thousands of ads, especially as paid-search options get more dynamic and competition intensifies. According to a new report from Digital Marketing Depot, marketers are […]


Search Remains First, Social Second For How People Find Websites

Each year, Forrester Research publishes a report detailing how consumers find websites. The findings are always fascinating, because they reveal different preferences between generations, and the popularity of different discovery methods changes from year to year, sometimes in surprising ways. For 2012, 54% of respondents found websites through natural search results, up from 50% in […]


B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2013: An Updated Guide

Back in February, Marketing Land’s sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, published an in-depth report called B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2013: A Buyer’s Guide. Interest in the report was strong, and as with many aspects of online marketing, many things have changed in just a few months. So, the team at DMD has released an updated […]


Enterprise Social Media Management Software: A Marketer’s Guide

If you’re responsible for social media for a large organization, odds are good that you either use automated tools or are giving serious thought to using them. At enterprise scale, it’s virtually impossible to manage an effective social program without some kind of software assistance. The good news is that over the past year, social […]


B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2013: The Marketer’s Guide

If you’re a B2B marketer, you know that the best practices and tactics for online marketing are similar to B2C — but there are also some very real differences. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to buy paid search ads if you’re selling jet engines. Or maybe you would, if you had a tool that […]


Digital Advertising Agencies 2013: A Buyer’s Guide

Looking for an agency to manage some or all of your digital marketing initiatives? Not sure how to find the right partner, or who to trust? You’re not alone. That’s why our sister company, Digital Marketing Depot surveyed the landscape to help marketers navigate the many choices available and help you make more informed decisions […]


Yahoo Poaches Key Googler Henrique de Castro As New Chief Operating Officer

Yahoo announced today it has hired Henrique de Castro, currently vice president of Google’s worldwide Partner Business Solutions group, as chief operating officer (COO). It’s a major role: he’ll be overseeing Yahoo’s sales, operations, media and business development worldwide. According to Yahoo’s press release, De Castro will join the company on or before January 22, […]


Ask + = A Winning Formula For IAC – And Online Marketers

IAC, parent company of and many other prominent websites, has acquired from the New York Times with a $300 million cash deal, trumping a $270 million offer from Many news sites have reported details of the acquisition, but I want to focus on the implications and opportunities for marketers that much of […]

Management Will Almost Certainly Be Sold – But Who’s Buying?

Reuters is reporting that Barry Diller’s IAC Corp. has apparently trumped a bid from to buy from the New York Times company. The New York Times issued a press release a couple of weeks ago confirming it was in negotiations to sell About, but very little other information has surfaced about the potential […]


Dot.Bubble: ICANN Reveals New Top-level Internet Domain Applications

Today, ICANN “revealed” the contenders for its new class of “generic top level domains“( gTLDs)—the purported salvation for everyone unable to buy, beg or steal a coveted “dot-com” domain, and also hawked as a brilliant new way for brand marketers to further “own” the mental shelf-space of customers. What are they? In a nutshell, the […]


The Crucial Insights Academia Can Teach Us About Online Marketing

For most of us who work in the frenetic world of online marketing, the work of academic researchers, presented in dry, often stilted papers with tons of citations and scholarly musings is about as interesting as a deep dive into the chemical ingredients of a sleeping pill. But it’s important to remember that some of […]


Poll: 66% Say They’ll Cancel Google Accounts Over Privacy Changes

Is Google facing an angry backlash of users canceling accounts in response to Google’s new terms of service & privacy policy? It will if respondents to a Washington Post poll are a reliable barometer. With more than 14,000 people responding, nearly two-thirds said they would cancel their Google account, with 15% saying no and just […]


Privacy Watchdog EPIC Asks Federal Trade Commission To Investigate Google

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has urged the FTC to investigate Google’s recent integration of search results with personal data, such as photos, posts, and contact details, gathered from Google+ in Google Search results. These changes, Google Plus Your World, “raise concerns related to both competition and the implementation of the Commission’s consent order,” EPIC […]


What You Need To Know About The New Top Level Domains

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has begun accepting applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), allowing businesses, groups and even governments to request their own private “dot anything” website addresses. There are currently only 20 gTLDs, plus a couple-hundred two-letter country extensions over which ICANN has little control. The addition of […]


Ogling Bing’s Year In Pictures 2011

While Google is known for its fanciful logos, Bing takes a different approach, using a new, luscious photograph as its entire home page each day. While buttons on the page allow you to go back through photos from the previous week, until now there’s been no way to see more. Microsoft Canada has compiled a […]


What All Marketers Need To Know About SOPA – The Stop Online Piracy Act

SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act H.R. 3261) is proposed legislation before the U.S. House of Representatives that would require search engines, advertisers, ISPs and other key internet players to police content and take active moves to take down allegedly infringing content. It’s a very broad bill, with many problematic aspects for online marketers. If […]