Andrew Waber

Andrew Waber

Andrew Waber is the director of insights at retail optimization platform (ROP) provider Teikametrics. In his current role, Andrew manages the analysis, editorial direction and strategy for Teikametrics' reporting on online retail advertising and the larger online retail marketplace. Prior to his time at Teikametrics, Andrew served as the manager of data insights and media relations at Salsify, the manager of market insights and media relations for advertising automation software provider Nanigans, and as the market analyst and lead author of reports for Chitika Insights, the research arm of the Chitika online ad network. Andrew's commentary on online trends has been quoted by the New York Times, Re/Code and The Guardian, among other outlets.


Marketing Stats Toolbox: Mapping Tablet Usage Rates By State

Properly addressing tablet users presents an interesting challenge to marketers. In Google AdWords, for instance, traffic from desktops, laptops and tablets are grouped together for the purposes of advertiser bidding. Google explains that this is due to “users’ search behavior on these larger devices [being] very similar, and likewise, overall advertiser performance [being] very similar across […]

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