Both corporations and consumers seem to be hitting it off with chatbots. People like the 24/7 ability to get answers about products and services — companies like that and also like that the bots are more reliable and less expensive than humans. 

Who doesn’t like them? Possibly the E.U., which is no small thing. Gartner is predicting the E.U. will pass a “right to talk to a human” law by 2028. Editor at Large Kim Davis’ post today explores why this could happen and the potential impact thereof.

Speaking of AI — and who isn’t? — Stephanie Trovato has a very deep dive into how it is transforming multimedia content creation.

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Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

How AI enhances multimedia content creation


From automated video editing to writing assistants, explore how AI is transforming multimedia content creation.

Customer journey orchestration

Driving growth through data: Optimizing the retention stage


Leverage data and AI strategies to drive customer retention through personalization and tailored marketing efforts.

Email marketing

How to decide if you need an enterprise email marketing platform


Here are some questions to ask to determine if your organization can benefit from this software adoption.

Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

How to protect against and benefit from generative AI hallucinations


As AI takes center stage in marketing, it is subject to machine error – ironically, only humans can check fallibility.

Content marketing

Reducing time spent searching for assets


Download this guide from Adobe and learn how to help your organization build a connected content supply chain.

Customer service and success

Will the EU disrupt AI-powered customer support?


What are the chances that the E.U. will block fully automated customer support? Gartner says it will happen by 2028.


Marketing automation

Salesforce rolls out new edition of Marketing Cloud for small businesses


Called Marketing Cloud Growth, the new edition is designed around tasks that small businesses lack the people and resources to take on.

Best practices

The 5 best practices of leading marketing teams


These days, everyone is talking about marketing automation. But what do the best of the best B2B marketing teams do differently? Adobe asked them.


How to categorize customer data for actionable insights


Organize customer data into categories like demographics, psychographics and transactions to gain actionable insights for marketing success.

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