Good morning, Marketers, there’s more exciting tools on the way.

Generative AI capabilities are becoming more widely available, as you can see in managing editor Constantine von Hoffman’s roundup. For content makers and designers, this means more tools to quickly create multiple versions of eye-catching assets. DAMs and other cloud-based infrastructures connect team members to multiply the effect of this newly-enabled creativity across the organization.

Marketers are also aware their peers are experimenting with similar innovations. That’s why a new study from the Marketing AI Institute finds marketers consider AI important for success — even more than previously — and why we at MarTech are covering the space so closely.

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Marketing management

How to tune your GTM strategies to cope with budgetary headwinds


The top four ways you need to change your thinking to justify marketing budget and resources in turbulent times.

Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

Adobe, Amazon and Salesforce in this week’s AI martech releases


Amazon gave sellers a text generator, Adobe released Firefly into the wild and much more in this weeks AI-powered marketing technology news.

Retail media networks

IAB releases new guidelines as retail media networks mature


Advertisers say they’ll increase RMN investment but they want standardization, a new study from the IAB finds.

Email marketing

Dominate the inbox with your free 46-point email marketing checklist


Learn how to drive opens, boost conversions, avoid the spam folder and more with this comprehensive email marketing audit checklist.

Data webinar

Reimagine marketing with real-time data


Take your marketing to the next level without switching software. Join our webinar to explore how real-time data can improve decision-making, customer engagement, and ROI.

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Marketing artificial intelligence (AI)

CMOs more likely to be responsible for AI, less likely to understand it


CMOs they need to get up to speed fast on artificial intelligence and get to work creating an AI integration strategy. 


Digital transformation

Why we care about AI in marketing


Learn what AI marketing is and why it's important.

Email marketing

Email personalization guide


Get started with personalization –including dynamic content, customer data, privacy regulation, and scalability– and capture your subscribers’ attention in the inbox.

Customer experience

Conversational marketing: A guide to a key B2B GTM strategy


Learn how conversational marketing improves customer engagement, accelerates sales cycles and builds relationships with B2B buyers.

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