Good morning, Marketers, and who doesn’t want to keep the internet open?

It’s now an old story that tech giants have lots of data to connect with customers and wield a tremendous advantage due to their massive usership. Facebook reached the 2 billion daily user milestone just this week, and parent Meta’s quarterly earnings are exceeding expectations. Their stock is climbing after significant layoffs, with more likely to come — although the scale of the layoffs so far is dwarfed by the growth of Meta’s workforce during the pandemic.

Marketers pay a high price if they don’t have their own first-party data and ways to engage customers outside of “walled gardens.” And like other related challenges in digital marketing — privacy, regulations, ROI — the drive to keep the internet open and likable is a tech problem with a tech solution.

Today, our editorial director Kim Davis takes a deep dive into how evolving data clean room technology might solve the problem of how brands and publishers can work together to keep the open web from getting gobbled up by a few giants.

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