Good morning, Marketers, don’t judge a haystack by its needles.

Serendipity hit my inbox the other day in the form of two emails. First was one with the subject line, “Rapid Digitization to Fuel the Sales Engagement Software Market; Reaching $29.6 Billion by 2032.” A moment after that came, “Gartner: Half of Customer Service Reps Don’t Use New Technology.” We all know these seemingly contradictory things can both be true. Just because you buy it doesn’t mean they will come.

I’ve never been responsible for an enterprise software implementation (with good reason). I have, however, done something vaguely similar: Replaced an old program with a new one which will do things better and faster. Unfortunately, in order to achieve better and faster I also had to do different. I had to learn new keystrokes and commands and the like. 

No matter how big the improvement, there was always a moment when I wanted my old program back. Sure it wasn’t anywhere near as good, but it was familiar. Now if I, by myself, felt that way, I can only imagine the pushback from changing a martech stack used by many people. My hat is off to all you incredibly skilled and patient people who can get this done.

Constantine von Hoffman,
Managing Editor


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