Good morning, Marketers, and let’s hear it for Operations! 

We hear it all the time. Marketing operations needs more recognition. MOps is a key element in modern, data-driven and technology-based marketing. MOps needs a seat at the table. There should be more operations leaders in strategic roles.

You can search high and low without finding suggestions for MOps experts and influencers to follow (if we missed something, apologies). That’s why we’re proud to publish MarTech’s marketing operations experts to follow

Also in today’s newsletter, an in-depth guide to marketing operations and the professionals who run it; a reminder of when I spent a few days with MOps pros at a summer retreat; and from one of our experts, Darrell Alfonso, MOps explained in a way even a child can understand.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director


Top 3 priorities for your 2023 B2B marketing strategy

Set up your brand for long-term success by focusing on data-informed insights, creator marketing and building brand advocates. 

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37 questions to ask call analytics vendors during the demo

If a call analytics platform makes sense for your business, these questions will help make sure you get the right one,:

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MarTech’s marketing operations experts to follow

These are the MOps maestros, modelers and makers who make sure the trains run on time, that data is actionable and that you have the programs you need.

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How to shift your thinking around your organic content strategy

Create the kind of networked pillar content that drives positive user experience and fast page one rankings. Join us February 2nd and learn what industry-leading marketers and researchers like Gartner are saying about the modern buyer’s journey.

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What is marketing operations and who are MOps professionals?

Learn what marketing operations is and why it's important.

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MOps: Bringing order to chaos

A journey into the world and minds of today's marketing operations professionals.

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Eyeing an ABM platform for your team?

Know exactly what to look for to be confident your tech will drive results. This report explores ABM market growth and trends, the key elements of successful ABM strategies, ABM tool capabilities and recommended steps for making an informed purchase decision.

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How to explain marketing operations at different levels: From children to experts

Starting with a child and finishing with an expert, how to explain what marketing ops is and why it's important.

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Dozens of martech solutions are just a click away

Join us for free at MarTech, online March 28-29, to discover technologies, tools, and solutions that can help you connect with your customer and power organizational success. Registration is free!

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