Good morning, Marketers, and don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Today, contributor Brian Patterson takes us through some important features of Yelp. While the review platform can be a source of anxiety for business owners and marketers, it’s still an advantage to “know thy enemy.” Not the customer — they’re not your enemy. Brian means logging in on Yelp yourself, so that you can get informed about how to succeed there.

“Great customer service, a generous return policy, friendly staff, cleanliness and flexibility are some common characteristics of businesses that do well on Yelp.” This is a great example of how marketers can get to know their customers better. See through their eyes by exploring platforms where they gather, if you’re not on them already.

Chris Wood,

5 Yelp facts business owners should know (but most don’t)

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Webinar: Do more with less

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Channel99 will help marketers measure the performance of channels and vendors

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