Good morning, Marketers, here’s hoping for happy holidays!

How’s your career going? It’s been another roller coaster of a year in marketing, in business and in general. Inflation is up, unemployment is down. Wages are also up, for some people. Even with all the tech layoffs, it’s still tough to find the talent you need. 

What’s the impact of all this been on you, job-wise? We’d like to know. So, would you take our very quick MarTech Salary and Career Survey? In return we look forward to letting you know the current state of the marketer. 

Constantine von Hoffman,
Managing Editor

How marketing compensation and roles are changing: Take the MarTech Salary and Career Survey

Spend a few moments to help us better understand the dramatic changes affecting the marketing and martech spaces.

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Marketers using more data sources in search of better data quality

In 2021 companies used an average of 10 different sources for customer data. That increased to 15 this year and is projected to hit 18 by the end of 2022.

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Yahoo and Taboola sign “30-year” exclusive ad agreement

Taboola will be the exclusive ad provider for Yahoo. The two companies will split ad revenues..

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Do MORE with LESS.

Get a first-hand look at how you can start making better decisions by leveraging calculated metrics, artificial intelligence, and real-time data.

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Google is giving users greater control over what ads they see

My Ad Center will let users block any ad and get info on why they were chosen to see it.

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How Under Armour’s Curry Brand shoes are taking off in the metaverse

What marketers can learn from Under Armour’s roadmap for “NF3s.”

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How to craft the perfect PR pitch

This study includes everything you need to know about crafting the most effective PR pitches that will secure the news coverage you’re after.

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Marketers likely to return to in-person events in 2023

By the second half of 2023 almost half our survey sample says it's extremely likely they will return to in-person events.

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