Good morning, Marketers, and what is the best way to personalize your messaging in 2022?

It might be different this year than in recent years. Everybody is different, of course (that’s why marketers personalize). But there are indications that more consumers across the board are leery of the data that’s out there about them.

One solution to these concerns is a more transparent conversation about the data and how it is used. Another solution is more data. It doesn’t necessarily have to be more personal data – it can be contextual and predictive in nature. But the goal for any personalized messaging, now more than ever, is relevance.

Relevance, helpfulness…value. The value exchange with the consumer has to overcome any marginal, or more troubling, concerns over privacy.

Chris Wood,

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Quote of the day: “Web3 treats individuals as owners not as products,” Charlie Silver, CEO, PermissionIO

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