Good morning, Marketers, and no surprises on holiday e-commerce.

Did anyone not predict that e-commerce would break records in the 2021 holiday season? We’ve almost come to take it for granted that it will climb year after year. But it’s worth remembering that the latest stats, based on Adobe’s analyzing over 1 trillion visits to retail sites, emerged in the second year of a pandemic and in the face of a sweeping supply chain crisis.

What will e-commerce look like once goods are moving freely, people have more confidence in the economy and are more easily able to deliver gifts in person? There are many trends powering it, of course, such as the ever-increasing ease of completing transactions on mobile devices and the explosion of e-commerce.

In a world of uncertainty, it’s good to feel certain about something. (If the numbers fall in 2022, please forget you read this.)

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director

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“‘Marketing is the TRUTH well told.’ David Oglivy’s perspective shared many years ago still holds up. Discovering, capturing and communicating this truth is job #1 for Marketing and CMOs. And yes, this mindset powers and contributes to demand, pipeline and revenue generation much more efficiently.” Scott Vaughan, Marketing Adviser

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