Good morning, Marketers, and what’s the strategy for engaging customers when the products or services you’re selling are temporarily unavailable?

In speaking recently with Tourism Ireland, and hearing about how they retooled their approach when travel became impossible, three important stages came into view. Luckily, they also begin with “R” for easy recall.

Reset: Acknowledge the situation transparently.

Reassure: Communicate that the product or service will be back up soon.

Recover: When delivery is back up, nurturing those customers you successfully retained in the top funnel during the crisis back through the newly recovered sales channels.

The Recovery will depend on how effectively you execute the first two R’s.

Chris Wood,

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Quote of the day: “It’s insanely easy to share out TikTok content to any DM platform or SMS. The concept that you need to try and keep people on your site/in your app is outdated and leads a negative user experience. Stop gatekeeping, make it easier for people to share.” Christine Johnson, marketing strategist

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