Good morning, Marketers, the dividing lines are shifting in digital marketing strategy, and especially in advertising. Some lines are vanishing.

It used to be that DTC brands were heavy on digital, and big CPG brands unloaded their budgets on television. Now consumers are streaming TV everywhere, and companies of all sizes can test social commerce functions on major social platforms to catch high-intent customers closer to the sale. After all, the customer could be viewing the content while in line at a brick-and-mortar checkout, or waiting for their partner who’s in a fitting room.

Just this summer, I was discussing DTC strategy with Extreme Reach CMO Melinda McLaughlin. It made sense when she told me that DTC brands like to optimize campaigns in real-time, and might stay clear of CTV. But what if CTV got more connected with brands and contextual ads within the programs? Then, a classic movie fan watching E.T. the Extraterrestrial on-demand would be just another real-time lever in the omnichannel campaign for a DTC nostalgia shop or second-hand clothes store, or for a marketer on the Reese’s Pieces team.

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