Good morning, Marketers, and we’re nearly there.

I mean the holiday season, with all its joys, all its pleasure and all its professional and personal stresses. If you’ve been planning and implementing holiday shopping campaigns, you’re almost at the point at which you can sit back and see what happens.

If you’re responsible for Thanksgiving dinner, let’s hope the shopping is over and done with — or at least that you’re confident that boxes of goodies are going to be on your doorstep today or tomorrow.

And if part of your Thanksgiving ritual is lively debate among friends and family around the table, well, 2021 has certainly offered up plenty of possible topics.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director

How live clienteling is helping Lucchese sell more cowboy boots

Two-way video guided in-store customer engagement is the next best thing to the smell of fresh-cut boot leather.

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Creating value when content and experience are data-driven

GeekHive’s Gene De Libero connects the dots between CX, consumable content and data that links it together.

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Keep your emails out of the spam folder and in front of your subscribers

Email has long been one of the most reliable marketing channels for getting your messaging in front of your customers. But many obstacles can get between you and your intended recipients. The MarTech Email Marketing Periodic Table will tell you everything you need to know about sending emails that your customers want to receive and that inboxes won’t block from being delivered.

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How brands can build digital resilience

Neglecting changes in digital environments will make it harder for brands to adapt.

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Discover dozens of time-saving, profit-boosting solutions... all for free

More and more, the key to solving critical marketing and marketing ops challenges is marketing technology. But with 7,000+ solutions on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. MarTech makes it easy. Discover dozens of time-saving, profit-boosting solutions and the actionable tactics to effectively leverage them… all in one place, all without leaving your desk, and all for free.

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Demandbase brings account-based advertising to consumer platforms

The ABM leader offers targeting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

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What is account-based marketing or ABM and why are B2B marketers so bullish on it?

Interest is surging as technologies to target key accounts improve and relevant data becomes more accessible.

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What we’re reading. We may soon be reading a lot more of those leaked Facebook documents. Gizmodo, the “design, technology, science and science fiction” platform is committing to releasing those documents, reportedly obtained from members of the Senate Commerce subcommittee, as fast as possible.

To protect sensitive information in the documents and especially safeguard privacy, Gizmodo is partnering with a team of independent academic experts. Is there something poetic in a sci-fi website harrying the would-be owners of the metaverse?

Quote of the day. “Customers will love a company when the employees love it first.” Simon Sinek, author and podcaster

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