Good morning, Marketers, and it wasn’t the smoothest launch was it?

Where to start? Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the most natural on-camera performer and it was probably beyond his capabilities to make the video announcement of Meta (as the Facebook company, not the app, will now be known) anything less than kind of creepy and weird. When I hear Meta, I think Matrix.

And then there’s the logo, to which many people have already made unmentionable revisions on Twitter and (ouch) Instagram. And, for pedants, there’s the reminder that “metaverse” is an awkward collision of Greek and Latin that literally means “turned back on, or into, beyond.”

But let’s hear from the professionals. Jimmy Fallon: “Spectrum, we used to be TimeWarner and people still hate us.” Stephen Colbert: “As in, your Aunt Gloria ‘meta’ guy on Facebook…” and the rest of that joke is unmentionable too. Find it here.

We hope you like the new, streamlined newsletter design, even though we haven’t re-branded it (MetaTech?), and have a great week.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director


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