Good morning, Marketers, and what’s most on your mind?

When you reflect on your work, do you ruminate on big themes — driving growth and revenue, proving ROI, elevating brand? Or do you focus on the nitty gritty, hands on stuff — are we getting attribution right, what are the metrics for social media success, is our data clean?

I hope we present the details as well as the big picture here at MarTech. A good example is the MOPs Rundown below, which tells Marketo users (and anyone considering becoming a Marketo user) about the enhancements the platform is making in Q3. 

Look out over the next few days for broader theme pieces on email during the pandemic and the importance of community. 

Kim Davis
Editorial Director


MOPs Rundown: What matters in Marketo’s Q3 releases

In their latest contribution, marketing ops consultants Perkuto review Q3 releases by Marketo and Bizible, the attribution and planning tool on the Marketo platform. Among the highlights:

  • Executable Campaigns were introduced in May this year as a new Flow Step & Campaign Type, but were not nestable (i.e. Executable campaigns could not themselves execute campaigns). That changes with this release which will allow Executable Campaigns to nest three levels deep.
  • Single Flow Action in Person Detail Page will execute flow actions like sending email, or any other smart campaign action on individual people from the person detail page without switching to the database grid view.
  • New Cohort Waterfall Journey dashboard for Bizible. This will support attribution by tracking the progress of a cohort through a demand waterfall set of stages, providing insight into the cause of conversion.

Read more here.


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Brand safety

Comscore teams up with Newsguard to help brands avoid fake news

Comscore, the media measurement and analytics company which also offers a contextual advertising solution, has announced an integration with Newsguard, the website rating vendor.

Comscore already had certain brand safety parameters built into its platform and was able to protect brands from running advertising alongside pornographic, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content. By integrating with Newsguard it adds the capability of identifying sites which systemically publish misinformation.

While taking into account a publisher’s willingness to correct false stories, Newsguard uses a team of journalists to warn against sites which fail to meet basic standards of credibility and transparency. 

Why we care. It’s not just that there is a wild west of misinformation across the border from mainstream publishing. False claims, fraudulent news stories and plain old nonsense have increasingly threatened to contaminate a wide range of web properties. Brands using Comscore’s services now have an extra safeguard against having their advertising framed by dishonest content.


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Seismic acquires training platform Lessonly

Seismic, the sales enablement platform, has announced that it will integrate with Lessonly, a learning management system that provides online training and coaching for sales and customer service reps and members of other business teams. The integration will allow Seismic customers access to remote training for existing and new sales reps.

At the same time came news that Seismic has raised $170 million in new capital, funds that will in part support the Lessonly purchase.

Why we care. With marketing and sales alignment becoming a key topic of discussion in the B2B space, there’s a growing interest in the kinds of sales enablement platforms which can put marketing and other content and real-time data on leads and prospects at the disposal of sales team. Indeed, the sales enablement market is predicted to show a compound annual growth rate of 19.14% over the next six to seven years.

Quote of the day

Giving and receiving feedback is one of the most critical skills in today’s workplace, and is especially important in marketing. Keep an open mind, always seek to understand first, and check your ego at the door.” Ali Schwanke, founder and CEO, Simple Strat