Customer experience

Native Ads: Effective, But Are They Accepted By Consumers?

Marketers have enthusiastically embraced “native advertising,” and there’s an emerging body of evidence supporting the proposition that it’s more effective than traditional display. The latest addition to that corpus comes in the form of a report just published by the MMA. Yet all is not rainbows and sunshine in native advertising land. There’s competing data […]


The Pros And Cons Of Responsive Design

When you're developing your web site and landing page strategy, there are three well-traveled mobile-friendly routes. Columnist Abraham Nord explains each of the approaches and details the potential consequences of following them.

Performance marketing

Moasis: Location Is The Key To Mobile Ad Relevance And Personalization

Mobile advertising platform Moasis believes that location is the key to delivering more personalized and relevant advertising — not simply a way to capture the attention of nearby smartphone owners. However, the company argues, location-targeted advertising is still very crude, with many marketers bringing a “desktop mentality” to mobile. Against this backdrop, Moasis is announcing […]

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