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The Role of Data Analytics in Successful Retail Acquisition Campaigns

This past summer, the Gartner Group surveyed people some 215 people who are responsible for the digital-commerce strategies within their companies; 59 of the respondents represented retail companies. The study, called “Gartner Survey Shows Retail Marketers Need to Focus More on Digital Commerce Strategy, Less on Promotions,“ shows that the chief marketing officers at retail organizations […]

Marketing management

Ericsson Seeks To Block iPhone In U.S. In Latest Patent Dispute

Patent litigation is heating up again. Earlier this week, Apple was hit by a half-billion dollar jury verdict over iTunes. Now, Swedish wireless networks company Ericsson is trying to block the iPhone from being imported into the U.S. through a complaint filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC). Ericsson apparently wants more money from Apple for […]

Performance marketing

What You Don’t Know About Location Targeting And Attribution Will Hurt You

Roughly 15 years since I started writing about digital marketing, I’m still amazed that large numbers of marketers still don’t fully understand the importance of location and location-based targeting. Over the past 18 months, chiefly because of mobile, things have started to change but location has historically been treated as a sideshow by marketers focused […]

Customer experience

Report: YouTube “Roughly Break Even” Even With A Billion Users

Is YouTube profitable or not? Is it Google’s still unrealized, brand-advertising revenue opportunity, or is it a troubled property that will never truly realize its potential? Questions surrounding YouTube’s revenues and profitably have dogged the Google division almost since it was acquired in 2006. “When is YouTube going to make money?” has been the refrain […]

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