2015 Super Bowl Teaser Ads & Full Length Commercials: A Run Down Of Brands Gearing Up For The Big Game

Wix.com, Nationwide, Snickers and Victoria's Secret are among the advertisers releasing Super Bowl spots ahead of the game.

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With just over a week to go before Super Bowl XLIX, a number of brands, including Wix.com, Nationwide Insurance, Snickers and Victoria’s Secret, have released teaser ads in advance of their full-length Super Bowl commercials.

Most of the the spots run about 30-seconds long and offer viewers a “bite” of what the brands plan to air game night.

Wix.com #ItsThatEasy Big Game Campaign

One of the first brands out of the gate was Wix.com. The tech company, a website development platform, has released fifteen teaser ads so far, ranging from 13-seconds to one-minute in length.

Wix.com’s ads are part of the brand’s #ItsThatEasy campaign, and feature a number of NFL greats, including Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Brett Favre, Franco Harris and Larry Larry Allen.


Nationwide Insurance #InvisibleMindy

Nationwide Insurance has also released a series of Super Bowl teaser ads for its #InvisibleMindy campaign, starring actress Mindy Kaling.

The eight spots include five 13-second spots, a three-minute “behind-the-scenes” video, a video of outtakes, and this 30-seond spot:


Snickers Super Bowl Teaser Ad

Snickers has already won many laughs with its Super Bowl teaser ad. Starring tough guy actor Danny Trejo in a Brady Bunch parody, the spot was released only yesterday and has already generated more than 250,000 views.


Carl’s Jr. “Au Natural”

According to AdWeek, Carls Jr.’s “Au Naturel” 52-second commercial will be aired only in the burger chain’s West coast markets during the Super Bowl, but it has already gained much attention online because of its racy nature.


Victoria’s Secrets “Look Who’s Coming to the Big Game”

Going in the opposite direction of Carl’s Jr., Victoria’s Secrets dressed a few of their top models in football gear and put them on the field for its Super Bowl teaser ad.

Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” Contest

Regular Super Bowl advertiser Doritos started building buzz early, launching its “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign back in November. Contestants submitted independently created Doritos Super Bowl commercials for a chance to win $1 million and tickets to the game.

Since then, ten finalist have been chosen, and users can now vote on which commercial they think should be played during the brand’s Super Bowl halftime ad slot.

Here’s one of Doritos ten finalist, the rest can be found on Doritos Crash the Super Bowl website:

Other brands to release Super Bowl teaser ads include Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Bud Light, Worlds Leading Cruises and Skittles. You can watch all of them on Marketing Land’s YouTube playlist of Official 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Ad Teasers.

Toyota’s “To Be a Dad”

Offering more than just a taste of their halftime ads, Dove and Toyota have launched full-length Super Bowl commercials, both featuring NFL stars and focusing on father themes.

The Dove #RealStrength commercial is a 60-second spot, while Toyota’s “To Be A Dad” commercial is more than three minutes in length and features NFL players like DeMarcus Ware, LaVar Arrington, Fred Jackson and Kurt Warner talking about their fathers and what it’s like to be a dad.


Marketing Land is also keeping a running list of all full-length Super Bowl ads on its Official Super Bowl 2015 Commercials: Full Length Ads & Extended Cuts YouTube playlist.

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