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Jose Cuervo Plays “Auld Lang Syne” With 57 Tequila Bottles

As you head out for New Year’s Eve festivities tonight, here’s a little inspiration for your evening. Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is associated with champagne. But Jose Cuervo would like you to alter your mentality on that tradition. To help you do so, they’ve come up with an interesting method of persuasion. Working with agency McCann […]

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Not Another Predictions Article: How To Grow Your Business Tomorrow (Or Next Week)

Read any marketing predictions for 2015 lately? They’re everywhere. (Heck, I’ve even written my own.) But while every predictions article you’ll read aims to make bold predictions and be the first to forecast where our industry is headed, very few are grounded in actionable advice. So instead of predicting what’s ahead, let’s take some time […]

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Best Practice Pros: How The NFL Scores Big In Email

In our earlier profiles of email marketers that can serve as solid prototypes for other businesses, we dissected LinkedIn and Groupon: one a social media community, the other a massive ecommerce hub. Each found its own specific ways to use email as a primary pillar in acquisition and CRM. This time around, we’ll leaf through the email […]

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Arcade Claw Machine Calls Attention To Plight Of Homeless

If you walk through any arcade, movie theater lobby or seedy carnival, you’ve most certainly seen a claw machine — that special vending machine device which dispenses toys if only you can manage to grab and hang on to a particular object. Fundación Gente de la Calle, a Chilean charitable organization which aids the homeless, has partnered with […]

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Planning For Success: 5 Affiliate Marketing Resolutions For 2015

The affiliate marketing industry marked its milestone 20th year in 2014, and it’s clear to see that it has traveled a long path since the launch of the first affiliate marketing campaign in 1994. Most notably this year, affiliate marketing saw several acquisitions and higher than expected growth rates. Looking Back At 2014 Predictions Around this […]

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7 Resolutions For Higher Website Conversions In 2015

Each year, digital marketers find themselves trying to do more with less. With mobile technologies maturing, analytics entering a decade of being democratized, and personalization technologies enjoying increasing adoption, online marketers have never needed to learn more and do more just to keep up. While new advancements and opportunities arise constantly, the beginning of a […]

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The 12 Days Of Procurement

It’s that time of year again — yes, the time we all reflect on years past and look forward to the New Year with a youthful exuberance and hopeful optimism that can only come with the holiday season. While everyone else is busy with hopeful optimism, my grand tradition is to take the “healthy skeptic” approach and try […]

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Mazda Teams With Mogees To Turn Vehicle Into Musical Instrument

Earlier this month, Mazda worked with Mindshare UK to turn the Mazda3 into a musical instrument using a product called Mogees, which turns everyday objects into music-producing objects by converting vibrations into unique musical sounds. The brand covered the Mazda3 with Mogees, and then the car was “played” by a group of percussionists. As part of the brand’s […]


The Marketing Analytics Practice Is Evolving: How Can You Adapt?

As the saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. But in digital marketing today, change is not only constant but also rapid and all-inclusive, and applies not only to marketing practice but also the practitioners. The past few years have given rise to marketing technologists: those who are equally adept at marketing […]

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Beer Brand Lets People Attach Video Messages To Their Bottles

While marketers have long argued over the usefulness (or not) of QR codes, this debate has not stopped brands from implementing the technology wherever and whenever they can. Working with Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentinian beer brand Andes has come up with an ingenious little QR code-fueled mobile video stunt entitled “Message in a Bottle.” […]

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